I’m Gunnar Thorkilsen and I’ve worked as an independent cattle farmer for 14 years. Furthermore, I’ve been a committee member of the Danish Holstein-Friesian Breeding Association and I have also been a judge at animal fairs and cattle shows.

Moreover, I’ve been in charge of buying up livestock for Bovidan and DPC with the main purpose of reselling it abroad, and at the same time I’ve supplied Danish farmers with Holstein-Friesian cattle.

In 1987 I worked a year abroad as a consultant for an Egyptian project with around 4000 cows.

I created the company Holstein-Friesian Cattle Breeding in 1999 and ever since then I’ve been been at Danish cattle farmers’ service.
Throughout the years, I have gained a lot knowledge and experience with Holstein-Friesians in terms of evaluating and judging herds and individual animals. I have a large network to ensure deliverance whether dealing with small or large orders.
”The art is not to make a deal with a client – it is to make sure that the client is happy, so that he or she will come back to make another one.”
I personally check every single animal before pricing it, you will receive a brief characteristic of it too.

A large part of the studs are born and bred within the well known Tirsvad Jeanette family that has provided Denmark and the rest of Europe with high quality bulls, which is why it has a great importance for the Holstein breeding.
If you are a potential purchaser or vendor, or if you have any questions about the Holstein-Friesian, you are welcome to contact me.


We provide contact between purchasers and vendors of Danish Holstein-Friesian herds, cows and heifers as well as studs throughout all of Denmark. In addition to this, we also handle animal transport.


Our main goals are:

  • To achieve customer satisfaction for all parties who are involved.
  • To provide an objective price estimation of cattle sale and purchase.
  • To ensure transport in order to make the cattle reach destination safe and sure.


Gunnar Thorkilsen ApS
Holtvadvej, 8
8751 Gedved.

VAT NO.: 78474017

Landline / Cell:  +45 40 24 12 03

Email: sdmavl@gmail.com